30 Funny Pants Fails P.S. These People Have No Idea How To Wear Pants

In the never-ending cycle of the fashion world, designers try new looks in the hope that they stick, or at least ring a bell with a specific crowd. However, sometimes they overlook potential design flaws or come up with ideas that are just too much.

It’s not always about the fashion fails though, at times, the fashion can be up to the mark but the people wearing it are just too dumb. To prove our point, listed in this post are 30 most hilarious pant fails that will make you go ROFL! These people surely have no idea how to wear pants.

Scroll on and enjoy folks. Share these epic photos with your friends and laugh together.

#1 When it’s leg day and you workout in jeans

#7 Her body’s asking for forgiveness

#9 When you buy new underpants and wanna showoff

#10 When you love jeans so much wearing one is just not enough

#16 What they didn’t mean when they said “put on some layers”

#19 Fashion doesn’t convince me at times

#21 When you can’t decide between jeans and khakis

#22 His pants are on a rebellion of their own

#30 How is she going to take these off?

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