30 Hilarious Animation Fails That Make Japanese Cartoons So Unique

Logic and Cartoons are two different concepts that can never co-exist. Animations are nowhere near the concept of logic, you’ll see most unusual and illogical things in cartoons and especially in Japanese animations.

Everyone love Japanese animation for its atmosphere of magic, its eye-catching characters with huge eyes, and the real emotions it makes us feel. However, despite all these things, sometimes animators make such stupid mistakes that are hard to ignore.

We’ve listed 30 most hilarious Japanese animation fails that will make you laugh. These epic mistakes are the reason why these animations are unique. Scroll on peeps. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite one.

#1 When you party so hard you break your arm

#3 Only if they had a nose, it would have been easier to differentiate

#5 They forgot to put graphics in here

#6 Picking a book is one of the most difficult tasks

#8 Counting her fingers will give you a headache

#9 What a girl’s face looks like when she gossips

#10 Only one out of every ten character gets a nose

#13 When you prefer your hair game over your sight

#17 How to give a hidden middle finger sign

#18 Why does she even need specs with eyes like that?

#24 They confused 9 with a question mark

#29 You’re not figuring this one out anytime soon

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