30 Hilarious Bathroom Mirror Design Fails

When you think about it, a bathroom mirror should be a pretty straightforward design – a flat reflective surface which is probably the best selfie partner for lots and lots of people. You’d think what could possibly go wrong with such a simple design– but that’s where you’re wrong. Some designers truly go all out when designing mirrors and the results are both awkward and hilarious.

In this post, we have compiled 30 most hilarious bathroom mirror design fails that will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share these hilarious fails with your friends who love to take selfies in front of the bathroom mirrors and make them laugh too.

#3 They did this so that nobody takes mirror selfies here

#4 The architect pulled a prank on everyone

#5 It’s either for giants or for midgets

#6 They missed a tile and replaced it with a tiny mirror

#8 This toilet that looks like a cardboard castle

#9 When you trick the mirror by wearing mirror glasses yourself

#10 You can only see what needs pointing

#12 Perfect technique to stop people from taking selfies

#13 The most confusing dump I’ve ever taken

#14 Feeling cute. Might delete later…

#15 A tiny message to keep you motivated

#18 They placed the toilet in the shower..

#20 In honor of the great Orc that once lived

#21 You may take your mirror selfie now

#24 They didn’t bother to fix the broken mirror

#26 That’s why you should pick your paint wisely

#29 A little feet below that could have helped

#30 When you love your gf so much you put her picture instead of a mirror

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