30 Hilarious DIY Fails and Wins That Make You Feel Like a Complete Genius

Every person is creative to some extent. Some have mainstream ways of showing off their creativity, others depict it quite unconventionally. Sometimes you see them coming up with solutions to their problems in the most ridiculous manner whereas some other times their unique inventions surprise you.

DIY projects are always a fun hobby for creative moms and bubbly teens. It keeps them happy and busy, and once in a blue moon, it can help them create something useful.

Listed in this post is a compilation of DIY fails and wins that will make you feel like a complete genius. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#4 When the phone cameras didn’t have zoom

#5 When you’re late for class and gotta shower on your way

#7 If your huge butt doesn’t fit on the toilet seat, we’ve got a solution for you

#8 When you leave the baby sitting to daddy

#14 Making the most out of your sorrows

#18 Inventions are done to cater needs like these

#21 Guess who recycled the broken iron

#23 While we live in 2019, they’re in 2050

#26 How to do multiplayer gaming like a boss

#27 True followers of the One-trip rule

#29 Because shoveling the snow is old school

#30 Who needs a juicer when you have a brain

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