30 Hilariously Terrible Kitchen Designs

A kitchen is a place where everybody loves to congregate. Well, that’s where food is, and it’s the biggest reason to get everyone together. Over the years, a lot of us have seen some truly absurd kitchen designs out there. Designs that will make you laugh at how stupid they are. Designs that will have you cringing at how somebody could have overlooked such obvious flaws.

In this post, we’ve compiled 30 photos of hilariously terrible kitchen designs. These ridiculous yet funniest designs fails will make you cringe as much as they’ll make you laugh. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Make sure to upvote your favorite horrible kitchens, and tell us if you’ve ever seen more weird design than these!

#1 Why would someone need a podium in the middle of their kitchen?

#2 They had a spare piano lying around the house.

#3 So the rats can slide the food out of the cupboard.

#5 When you’re girlfriend tries to be a little too cute.

#6 I think someone took the greener lifestyle advice a little too seriously.

#8 I am totally diggin’ the windows.

#10 That is exactly why you shouldn’t redo your kitchen yourself.

#11 Just move it a little bit more and it should be perfect.

#12 Get an electrician to install that lighting fixture.

#14 When your friend is a Lepidopterist.

#15 Those lights must put a real dent in the electric bill.

#17 You’ve got all your washers together.

#19 Take a bath and wash the dishes at the same time.

#20 The carpet separates the kitchen from the living room.

#21 If you’ve burnt something, you can just go back in time.

#22 Just cut the edge of the drawer and you’re good.

#24 Not a bad cooking space for a small restaurant.

#25 A little parkour in the kitchen never hurt nobody.

#27 Trying your best to get the most out of an old house

#28 That is probably the ugliest table I have ever seen.

#29 For people who need to get to work really early in the morning.

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