30 Hysterical Fail Memes That Make You GO ROLF

Let’s face it, we all have bad days when things keep getting worst one after the other. When you just want to look up and scream why me? Well, often failing is inevitable. Whether it’s at work, school, home or life in general, you’re bound to experience it once in a while. It’s up to us how we cope with the circumstances. We can either cry about it or laugh about it with some relatable memes. Trust us, folks! The latter option is always better. It doesn’t fix anything, but at least it always makes you feel better.

Today we have curated an interesting collection of 30 hilarious fail memes that will make you go rolling on the floor laughing. So, start your laugh meters and scroll on peeps! We bet you’ll enjoy this post a lot.  

#1 When it doesn’t go according to plan

#6 Let my friends outta that booty trap

#8 This fella needs some flying tutorials

#14 The best parking spot in the house

#16 Skipping leg day throughout his life

#20 Could have used a more appropriate object

#22 The forest is a dangerous place afterall

#23 This news channel needs to fire its editing team

#24 What’s the biggest blunder you’ve ever pulled?

#30 The millennials have messed up priorities

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