30 Men Who Failed at Fashion Badly

Most men admit that they don’t have a clue when it comes to fashion. Every attempt to pick out an outfit becomes a wild adventure that usually goes without a happy ending. Unless you constantly keep your finger on the fashion trend pulse, it’s difficult to know just what is considered to be in trend and what isn’t.

We have compiled 30 photos of men who failed in fashion miserably. This list of hilariously absurd fails in fashion design will make you cringe almost as much as it’ll make you laugh.

Scroll on and enjoy folks. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite one.

#1 When you need some fresh air in those armpits

#4 He’s gotta be paid extra for that

#11 When your girl asks you to run to the mart and grab food in the middle of the night

#15 This motivated me to go to the gym

#22 Those pants would make you feel dreamy

#24 Would have been better if he wore them without the short skirt

#26 Someone who never gets weak in the knees

#27 Taking the dog out in Scottish style

#29 The dogs need to be in secure hands

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