30 Most Amusing Russian Subway Fashion Fails

Subway is the best public transport! We think everyone can agree upon the fact that subway is a world of its own. And since a lot of people travel on the subway every day, it is quite common to see uncommon things on the subway. If you’re a regular user of the subway, you must’ve noticed absurd people who’re living in their world by their own rules without worrying about what others might think.

Listed in this post are 30 most hilarious Russian subway fashion fails that will make you go ROFL! These people should be given the award of ”WORST OUTFITS EVER’. Now stop reading and scroll down peeps. Share these ridiculously hilarious photos with your friends and make them laugh too.

#5 Guardian of the Galaxy auditions going on somewhere here?

#6 Hair so sharp you can use them as an axe

#8 I didn’t know tooth fairy was a man

#10 Guys with this hairstyle have 100% chance of stealing your girl

#13 Her bag is a monster, and its sleeping

#17 Gamora and Nebula also had a brother

#22 Russian men have sexier legs than their women

#26 Not sure if I’m going on the subway or into the space

#29 When its hot out there but you wanna wear jeans

#32 The biggest bicep you’ll find on a woman

#33 That’s why you should wear matching undies

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