30 Most Funny and Awkward Pregnancy Announcements

Those days are long gone when simply taking a pic of a positive pregnancy test was acceptable to announce you’re expecting a new baby. Creative parents have found new ways to spread the news that there’s a little princess/prince on the way. However, while trying to outdo other parents in creativity, some people often go too far.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 30 most bizarre and awkward pregnancy announcement photos. Well, without any doubt, these parents are at a unique level of sense of humor. Scroll on peeps. These images will make you realize that maybe just texting people to say ‘I’m pregnant’ isn’t such a bad idea after all. If you know someone who’s expecting, then share these hilarious ideas with them.

#3 On today’s list of awkward family photos

#4 Daddy’s trying to make eye contact

#6 She’s not happy about the arrival of a new tenant

#7 The Christmas present is on its way

#12 A tale of dirty diapers and breast pumps

#16 We’ll be needing a lot more than that to keep a cool

#21 Only clothes that could fit that baby bump

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