30 Most Weird and Funny Subway Encounters That Will Make You Go WTF

The subway is a world of its own!

A lot of people travel on the subway every day, which means that people interact with one another quite frequently. This daily interaction means you’ll see a lot of strange and weird people every day.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 most funny and weird subway fails. If you are a regular traveler of the subway then you must have at least one such awkward encounter.

Now sit back, scroll down and enjoy peeps. Share these epic photos with your friends as well.

#3 Looks like a drug cartel deal is about to go down

#6 What’s a better place to exercise than the subway?

#8 The Russian subway never fails to surprise me

#9 Can’t have any kinda beef with her

#10 why are there no changing rooms in the trains?

#11 When you forget to cut toe nails at home

#23 When you’re addicted to a TV series

#25 We treat him like our son… literally

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