30 People Having a Bad Day

Having a bad week? Well, we will try to give you a little bit of comfort. ‘’Schadenfreude’’ is a germen word which describes the pleasure someone gets on seeing another person’s misfortune. It doesn’t matter if anyone like this slightly evil feeling or not, but almost all of us experience this! It can be particularly useful in putting one’s own struggles into perspective.

In this post, we’ve listed photos of people who’re not enjoying a good time. These people are probably having the worst day of their life; however, these fails are somehow fun to watch. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite one.

#2 He was telling me the food doesn’t taste good. Guess Karma does get back to you

#5 Making sure you make perfect slices

#6 He’s growing up to become an artist

#7 First day of my internship at Walmart

#8 Just burnt my beard while cooking burgers. They were yummy!

#9 Seeing beer like that would break anyone’s heart

#10 Need some guts to ride this bicycle

#16 Not the perfect start to my Monday

#17 They call this trick the neck-buster

#18 That’s why you should always look for the signs

#20 Should have thought it through before buying my kid a drone

#21 My subway ride home was a little uncomfortable

#23 There’s nothing like too much makeup

#26 Guess we’re watching the movie without popcorn

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