30 Ridiculous Gifts From Grandma's With Awesome Sense of Humour

Everybody will agree that grandparents are a gift from God. They’re cute, cuddly, and downright adorable. They can be a little annoying sometimes too because of their childish ways, but the family is just so incomplete without them. In short, our grandparents are sharp, witty, a little bit vulgar, and have the best senses of humor.

To prove our point, we’ve listed 30 ridiculously hilarious gifts from Grandma’s that is proof of their witty nature. From a lonely cucumber wrapped all around in ribbon to hilariously knitted clothes – this list will surely give you waves of laughter! Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Feel free to give your feedback in the comments section.

#1 Grandma played a trick that left me shocked one minute and then made me happy the second minute

#3 Perfect present for your female friends

#4 Granny being the sweetest person on earth

#5 Granny gave me a present for Christmas

#8 She did this so that Jesus would be with me all the time

#9 Because who doesn’t love hamsters?

#11 This shall be more than enough to keep me warm through winter

#12 When grandma makes sure you don’t feel cold

#13 The perfect item for your job desk

#14 I always wanted a beanie with horns

#15 Grandma gave me her own clothes to use as a sleeping suit

#17 She found out that I loved yeezy’s so she knitted me one

#19 Granny gave me this present after she caught me watching inappropriate anime

#21 Granny sent an old friend of mine to visit me. His name is Mario.

#22 Hats off to my grand mother’s sense of humor

#23 90% of the kids won’t even recognize this device

#24 Granny wishing me birthday in style

#25 How do I look in the dress my granny gave me

#27 Me and my granny both are big fans of Pikachu

#29 Morning tea for those who wake up late

#30 Granny breaking all barriers of parental guidance

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