30 Shockingly Ridiculous Design Fails

You know that designs at their best can make your brand memorable through catchy slogans and creative imagery. However, at their worst, they can make people remember your company for all the wrong reasons. You don’t have to possess a Masters degree in design or the expertise of Leonardo DiVinci to spot a messed up design fail when you see one. Such fails are often so embarrassingly messed up and useless, that they make you wonder how they were created in the first place.

In this post, we’ve listed 30 shockingly hilarious design fail that will make you go ROFL! Yes, some of them are might be unintentional and perhaps a little unfortunate, but most are so ridiculously crappy that you just know that someone is gonna get fired pretty soon. Scroll on peeps, and don’t forget to upvote your favorite.

#4 Using a refrigerator is too mainstream!

#6 When you feel like you are being watched

#7 The could have done a better job with the entrance!

#8 I hate it when my feet malfunction and start moving in the opposite direction

#9 Always be careful before sitting on a ski cable car!

#12 When you love to paint but don’t know how to do it

#14 For people like being watched while taking a bath

#15 Music connects people with the afterlife

#16 Why parents don’t allow their children to watch football

#17 Now’s a good time to become a touch typist

#19 Fingerprint protection is the best!

#21 There would be a lot of awkward run-ins in this public toilet

#22 Sometimes not donating money is a good thing

#23 When you become over-hydrated at the gym

#25 When drawings don’t turn out the way you want them to

#26 When you let your laziness get the best of you

#27 When you fake something that is already fake

#28 I don’t need a degree to build a road…

#30 When you fall on the dinner table before the big game

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