30 Times People Tried to Take Selfies With Animals But Failed Miserably

All hail Paris Hilton – the alleged inventor of the selfie! Though it’s not sure who took the first selfie, a common opinion refers to Hilton. With that being said, aren’t selfies simply amazing?  You are never dependent on someone else’s camera skills to get a good picture of yourself at any time you want.

Well, we’re living in 2019, and these days people are taking their selfie game to a whole new level by clicking photos with animals! But as you know, planning anything with animals can be a great mistake due to their unpredictability, and these selfies are often turned into hilarious fails. Listed in this post are photos of 30 people who tried to take selfies with animals and failed miserably. These hilarious fails will make you go ROFL!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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