30 Times When Chefs Tried To Make Their Presentation Unique But Failed Hysterically

It’s 2019, and the whole hipster concept has become so popular these days that even restaurants are trying to do it. There’s a close competition among the restaurants in food presentation, and sometimes, they get a little too far. Well, not everyone can be a master chef, of course. So, when amateurs attempt the recipes designed for pros, funny food fails are born.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 30 photos where chefs tried to present their food uniquely but failed hilariously. From serving nuggets in slippers to a disgusting way of presenting chocolate dessert – some of these food presentation ideas are ridiculously hilarious. Scroll on peeps. Share these absurd photos with your friends as well.

#1 I get it. That’s so you can throw up right after. That just looks unsanitary.

#4 When you’re being hypnotized and enjoying a meal at the same time.

#5 I’m sure that’s a safety risk for the waiting staff.

#8 Head Trauma with a tar tar sauce drizzle.

#9 When you’re a homeless former chef.

#11 Couldn’t have chosen an uglier pair of footwear.

#12 Considering the bottle’s empty, everything must look good by now.

#13 Good thing it comes with a casket, the chef should be buried along with it.

#14 Barfed chicken with a side of rice please.

#15 Good thing they accounted for you dozing off because that is like staring at drying paint.

#16 That piece of bread must have been chilly.

#20 Feet and food just don’t go together.

#24 When you haven’t gotten around to doing the dishes.

#27 When mom hides all the good china.

#28 I hope it doesn’t taste like it looks.

#29 When your cat takes a dump on your shoe.

#30 Pretty sick Halloween themed presentation.

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