30 Totally Weird and Crazy Celebrity Hairstyles That Will Give You a Good Laugh

Have you ever considered trying different types of hairstyles for a change? Well, undoubtedly there are a lot of things you can do with your hair. But, be warned, my friends! The urge of making creative hairstyles sometimes can turn into a total nightmare even for our beloved celebrities as well! Shocked, eh? We are too!

With all the expert stylists, our superstars are still vulnerable to hilarious hairstyle fails. In this post, we’ve listed photos of 30 celebs with hilariously weird haircuts that will surely give you a good laugh. If you have ever done something this crazy with your hair, then don’t feel shy to comment and share with us. Scroll down and enjoy peeps!

#2 When you can’t find the hairbrush

#5 When you put your fingers in the electric socket

#6 Left a door that leads to his brain

#10 Suitable for the role of Phoenix in X men

#11 When you ask the barber to do whatever he wants

#12 Not everyone can pull off a bold color like that

#15 You could eat food on the plate on her head

#16 Jb could go bald and everyone would still love him

#18 When there’s a reptile tied to your head

#20 When you dress up while being drunk

#21 When the hair stylist messes it up and you still try to pull it off

#22 When all your drunk friends do your hairstyle

#26 The hairstyle came with some extra mayo

#27 There are days when you just don’t understand fashion

#28 Watch out for the worms on her head

#29 Miley can flaunt absolutely ANY hair style

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