30 Ultimate Crazy Girl Fails

Women are crazy! They are absurdly emotional, hyperactive and in some cases, dumb too. Whether you agree with this fact or not, the following photos will surely make you accept our argument.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 photos showing hilarious and weirdest girls fails. These photos will make you go ROFL! From crazy dressing failures to the weirdest way of getting the eyebrows done – this list won’t disappoint you.

Now sit back, scroll down and enjoy peeps! Share these creepy photos with your friend and make them laugh too.

#1 Keeping the human-animal bond stronger than ever

#2 Which beauty salon gives eye brows like that?

#5 When you’re not sure what the weather’s gonna be like out there

#8 When you’re take a selfie in the midst of removing your makeup

#9 Who needs clothes when you have hair so good

#10 Getting in the raft wasn’t the adventure. This was!

#11 I’d kill her if she leaves a dent on the car

#15 When you’re PMSing and want to eat chocolate

#16 Every car enthusiast would want to marry her

#18 This is why boys want to get a sneak peak on every girls night out

#23 When you haven’t slept for a few days

#24 When the post wedding party goes for too long

#27 When you give her a gift that she can’t handle

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