30 Useless But Amusing Inventions No One Asked For

Are you an open mouth chewer? Do your friends or family give you an angry look when you’re chomping away? Then you need Cuisine Curtain which hides your mouth from the everyone while you enjoy your meal. It’s a totally random and entirely extra creation made by Matt Benedetto – the brains behind Unnecessary Inventions!
Matt is a US-based inventor who likes to come up with wonderful yet weird inventions that have no use other than sitting on the shelf of unnecessary inventions. However, even his ridiculous ideas are applauded all over the social media and people love him whatsoever.

In this post, we’ve listed some of his most hilarious work. These photos will make you cringe as much as they’ll make you laugh. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. To check more of Matt’s work, visit his website: unnecessaryinventions.com

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