30 Weird and Bizarre Celebrity Photos That Desperately Need Explanation

Everyone loves celebrities, and that’s a fact. Being one of them is not easy though. We only see the glitz and glamour, however, what we don’t see is the compromises they make. Our superstars are always under observation of thousands of people. Paparazzi are always there to capture their most weird and personal photos.

Listed here are 30 absurd and most bizarre celebrity photos that desperately needs explanation. From extremely inappropriate clicks to hilariously edited photobombs – this list will surely make you go ROFL!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite one.

#1 She’s surprised she got the award

#5 Here we can see a T-Rex imitation successfully executed

#10 Even Becks is thinking how can he be so hot?

#11 When makeup’s falling apart but you’re too high to notice

#12 She won the Oscar. She can do anything she wants!

#14 JB’s doesn’t care about the pap while he’s hungry

#16 When you’ve been craving ice cream for weeks now

#17 When you wear makeup and then have to ride a bike on the freeway

#18 What’s that lipstick shade girl?

#20 Hannah Montana, what happened to you?

#23 Me falling for my crush for the 250th time

#25 When your crush walks past and you’re trying to act cool

#27 When you find out she sent the same snap to all your friends

#28 When my girl asks what can I do for her

#30 Not the suitable attire for Kid’s awards

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