30 Weird, WTF Girl Fails

Women are super crazy. They’re emotional, hyperactive and in some cases, dumb too. However, if you desire to live long don’t then don’t you ever dare to say this in front of them. When they want something to get done, they don’t always come up with the brightest plans, rather they are involved in hilarious fails while achieving their objective.

Now you might say I’m being judgmental but hear me out. I have photographic proof to support my horrendous argument! Listed in this post are 30 weirdest girls fails that will make you say WTF!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite one.

#1 That should be the goal or goals I should say

#2 If you think your life sucks, think about that bicycle

#3 Booty so good it blurred out the photo

#5 When you finally get up from the toilet seat after hours of scrolling through memes

#6 Trust me, this isn’t Photoshopped

#7 When the most handsome guy from college gets married

#8 This forehead is a sniper’s paradise

#10 Breast amplification is an actual thing

#11 When they put women in position of authority

#14 Live from the Scary Movie auditions

#16 Women when they see their ex dancing with someone else

#23 The one time I wished I was an animal

#24 From the catalog of hidden talents

#26 Ever seen a hotter car enthusiast?

#28 That’s why I wanna date a flexible girl

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