30 WTF Stock Photos That are Hard to Unsee

Whenever we see an image depicting an unlikely scenario, crummy acting, and a typical editing style, we can easily guess that it’s a stock photo. There’s just something about such photos that make them easily distinguishable and they are always hilarious.

To prove our point, we’ve listed 30 most hilarious stock photos are really hard to ignore. This mass collection of strange and funny photos will definitely make you say WTF, and you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share these photos with your friends and make them laugh too.

#3 There’s a hidden message in there

#5 And on the list of most useless activities

#9 Do I have to tell you what this demonstration is about?

#10 Teaching this unique skill to kids

#15 When you have all the property and can finally get rid of the Sugar Mommy

#16 The king of Tropical fruits says hello

#20 When your husband dies so you can finally be with your boyfriend

#21 The recession has put everyone out of jobs

#24 I’m done with watermelons after seeing this

#27 When the Spaghetti’s so bad you gotta throw it away

#31 My meat looking at me when I go for round 4

#32 Looking for women in a public toilet like

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