Celebrities in Ramen – The Most Funniest Thing You Will See on Internet Today

It’s an absolute truth that there’s nothing better than ramen. That delicious soup, the egg, the noodles, aren’t you getting hungry just thinking about it?

Well, it’s 2019 and someone photoshopped celebrities diving in noodles! Sound weird, right? Not-so-delicately combining both celebrity and food culture, this new Instagram account is hoping to redefine how crazy something can be and still be hilariously fantastic! With over 6k followers, an Instagram account named as ”celebrities_in_ramen” is gaining popularity because of its unique kind of comedy.

In this post, we have listed photos of celebrities who are hilariously photoshopped to Ramen. These pictures will surely give you waves of laughter! Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share your favorites with all the other ramen lovers in your list.

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