20+ Times When Fashion Overloaded

Not everything that you see on social media is termed as good fashion. Sometimes people follow completely absurd trends in the name of fashion that make them look like complete idiots.

Please people use your common sense when you’re choosing what to wear, and if you doubt that your common sense can help much than at least get yourself some good fashion advice from a legit fashion magazine or blog rather than following anything that pops up online.

Scroll on and see what happens to those who adopt any trend that they see online.If you end up following advice from anybody and everybody, you’ll end up looking like the people in the photos below who’re overloaded on fashion. Trust me, you don’t want that.

#1 Imma catch all your attention

#2 Explain the usage…

#3 Game of contrasts is too strong here

#4 An easy hack for lovers

#5 Davy Jones on the go

#6 Good picture. Now put the car mats back.

#7 Ever feel like being a horsey princess

#8 When the water levels rise, use these slippers.

#9 Should have asked for consent first

#10 Who says women aren’t protective about where he’s saying

#11 All in one pants

#12 Where you headed Toby?

#13 For the love of pizza

#14 Please tell me that wasn’t a cake

#15 Has anyone seen Santa?

#16 Gotta get a little Manliness

#17 You look like a walking pack of Ramen noodles

#18 The colors of life are too strong here

#19 This is the only ironed size

#20 When you know you’re trash but still gotta walk the ramp

#21 High Pants FTW

#22 When its hard to say no to pants that are on a sale

#23 It must take him a lifetime to change

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