German Artist Hilariously Portrays Truth Behind Perfect Instagram Photos

There are almost 60 million images that are posted to Instagram everyday. By keeping this huge number in mind we can only imagine how many lives revolve around this social media network. Plenty of people are addicted to Instagram and post aesthetically pleasing photos pretty much every day. However, sometimes there is deceive and creativity involved in those photos which not everyone knows about. However this German artist knows and he has come up with a hilarious collection of photos which portray the truth behind Instagram pictures.

#1 Monday morning baths are always a mess

#2 Liar liar pants on fire

#3 Now I want Dorritos

#4 Why so serious?

#5 Nobody is that happy during workouts

#6 It’s always a struggle

#7 Summer snacks be like

#8 Which one makes your girl happier?

#9 Shaving days are the worst

#10 My kinda lip color

#11 You can’t see me

#12 The silly winter photograph

#13 In a relationship with junk food

#14 I’ll prefer the lean one

#15 Ain’t got no time to fake

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