People Had One Job But Messed Up Big Time- 30 Amusing Photos

Mass-produced products like toys, food, and clothing are usually made in factories by large machines that work with utmost precision. However, whether a product is made by a machine or a human, there’s always plenty of room for fails. People often fail at their jobs and some of them manage to screw it up so bad that it’s even difficult to believe they didn’t notice. Luckily, when you’re not the one who messed up then it can be pretty funny.

Now stop reading and continue scrolling to take a look at our curated list of people who had one job and failed so miserably. To be fair, everyone makes mistakes, but these mistakes just bring up one question: WHY?! Enjoy peeps. Share these hilarious photos with your friends so they can have their share of a laugh as well.

#1 That defines the term working around the problem.

#2 At least they didn’t forget the cheese.

#4 There were a lot of clues, but I guess he didn’t care.

#7 Is it supposed to miraculously turn liquid.

#8 They didn’t bother to move the mannequin’s arms.

#10 When you try ordering something from China.

#12 What am I supposed to do with a two?

#13 When you start something but change your mind after a bit.

#19 They could’ve fixed that with just a little effort.

#20 I didn’t know they served that here.

#23 When you get into a relationship and you know it’s not gonna end well.

#24 At least there’s chocolate on it.

#26 Good old duct tape fixes everything.

#29 Hey Bob, have you seen my shovel anywhere.

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