People Sharing Their Worst Wedding Fails and It's Hilarious (30 Photos)

The weddings season is on! With the amount of planning that goes into weddings, it seems they should go off without a problem. But, that’s a fantasy no-one knows about! There’s hardly any marriage which ends without an error – and now, a viral Twitter trend has confirmed what we claim.

#WeddingFails is one of Jimmy Fallon’s legendary hashtag challenges, and it has got people sharing their cringy and funniest experiences. Listed in this post are photos of 30 people who were brave enough to share their worst yet hilarious wedding fails. These photos will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. If you have got a memory of experiencing such fails, then feel free to share it in the comments section

#1 All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up to the wedding in the exact same dress!!

#2 I thought I was making a calm, composed face as my wife came down the aisle. I found out this was the face I made.

#3 Tried to be romantic and carry my wife out of the ceremony. Luckily, this was after she said “I do.”

#4 Turns out the mint my brother gave me before he walked me down the aisle was also my ‘something blue

#5 My husband’s close friend was so happy, he spilled his glass of wine all over me. I go clean up, return & my dear friend sees me. I crack a joke & she

#6 Our photographer made us come out early so guests didn’t have to wait. I stepped on the front of my dress 3 steps from bottom. My new husband Tim held

#7 I danced so hard I ripped my pants…

#8 My husband’s grandmother tripped while getting pictures and we tried to catch her. Instead, we all ended up on the floor

#9 The priest at my wedding fell asleep during mass and then proceed to say the wrong name for my wife during our vows

#10 My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one

#11 when your brother kisses his new wife

#12 I knew at this very moment that I had done something very wrong… and then proceeded to slip on the stairs during our grand entrance. My wife’s face

#13 My coworker, my cousin and my aunt all wore the same dress to our wedding

#14 My father in law hired these completely random dancers as a surprise. They took up half the reception time we’d booked so we didn’t get much time for

#15 Slipped and fell while photographing a wedding party. Snapped a pic on the way down

#16 I thought it was assumed that I, the MOH, should catch the bouquet. I ended up fighting a 10 year old for it, and after yelling “Please I’m 24,” I dec

#17 As a prank I tied granny panties around my thigh instead of a garter… My husband didn’t find it as funny as I did

#18 Someone wasn’t watching how much birdseed the bridal party took

#19 When you get the pictures back from your cousins wedding and find this picture of your son

#20 I welcomed my new aunt to the family by wiping my nose on her wedding dress after she walked down the aisle.

#21 Best Witches” to my wife and I from our dear Mexican aunt who bought us our cake

#22 We were married a week before Christmas, and someone thought it would be cute to throw fake glitter snow on us. My husband got an entire bucket of gli

#23 My son tried to start the electric slide during my cousin’s vows and cried when nobody joined in

#24 My brother had the brilliant idea to toss my sister in the air during the family photos thinking it would make a funny pic, but didn’t tell me he was

#25 The church sign read on my wedding day “God can make miracles out of mistakes

#26 Dislocated my knee doing the dougie at an Indian wedding!

#27 I made sure at my wedding that my best friend, who loves Coors Light and only Coors Light, had to drink nothing by Bud Light during the reception. He

#28 I didn’t actually catch the bouquet, but I asked the girl who did if I could take a picture with it to send to my boyfriend. She said Yes

#29 As part of our wedding ceremony, my husband and I signed a marriage covenant. I misspelled my new last name by writing Gmith

#30 i took a fall and my husband joined me and we both got a nice look at my little brothers backside

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