Random Funny Photo Dump Of The Day Vol.5

Thanks to social media, we have an abundant supply of hilarious and absurd photos available to rescue us on our blue days. The good thing about being connected with the whole world is that you can to see the absurdities of all cultures all across the globe. It sort of diminishes the boundaries of race, culture, religion and geography. Humor is universal.

In this post we have complied some of our favorite funny pictures found online. Scroll on and enjoy the laughs. Share the post with your friends in other countries. Let humor strengthen your bonds with each other.

#1 He’s been sitting like this for over an hour now

#2 My dog looks kinda broken

#3 This looks so wrong yet so right

#4 Trees have equal rights

#5 This face swap made my day

#6 One for the Apple fans

#7 When feminists want equal rights and then stand in a separate line

#8 Double Trouble

#9 220 volts or 440 volts?

#10 Krusty Crab doesn’t like the summer heat

#11 This would be me if I continue eating chocolates

#12 The Croc lord

#13 Going home after doing a double shift like

#14 The Pancake DEMANDS it

#15 If Beethoven was a viking

#16 The Breakfast Man to the rescue

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