Ryan Reynold Surprised His Wife on Her Birthday With a Series of Most Unflattering Photos

The people who follow Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively knows that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and never miss an opportunity to troll each other. Well, it’s nothing mean or nasty – just the kind of gentle ribbing and pranks that many fun-loving couples with a fine sense of humor like to inflict on each other.

The latest move Ryan made was on his wife’s birthday. It was Blake Lively’s 32nd birthday, and Ryan Reynolds celebrated it like the bravest and most secure in their relationship husband could. He posted a collection of unflattering candid photos of his wife on the internet! Listed in this post are all those pictures which were used by Ryan to troll his wife. Let it be known to the whole world that Blake Lively is the most patient and forgiving woman! Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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