20+ Funny Signs That Don’t Make Any Sense

When signs are put up In public spaces, you would generally assume that they’ve been thoroughly proofread and there are no typos. But that is not the case. Sometimes you will find hilarious and absurd signs posted up on the street that absolutely make no sense at all.

In this post we have listed up photos of signs that are absolutely absurd. You’ll seriously be laughing out loud by the time you finish browsing through the photos.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#1 I am not sure if the ducks will oblige or not

#2 I’ll need some instructions for that

#3 Find something else to do

#4 Now where do I deposit the fine?

#5 I’ll try my best

#6 Its bad for the drunk people..

#7 I feel sorry for you if you’re into that kinda stuff…

#8 Play it safe

#9 You got it!

#10 No fueling through butt holes

#11 Ever played one?!

#12 The dress code? It’s the same old sandals and naked butts

#13 I’m glad birds can’t read

#14 Its an oxygen free zone

#15 Australia can be weird at times

#16 Then leave it blank ffs

#17 So what do I do? Just stand here and look at it?!

#18 I assume it’s only for the handicapped

#19 Better leave your children at home if you wanna get there on time

#20 At least someone noticed my noticing

#21 Stay below 25 or solve the problem first

#22 More confusing than my wife’s arguments

#23 This is how accidents happen

#24 Shouldn’t have challenged us

#25 I couldn’t resist

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