20 Funny Tattoo Fails with a Giggle Guarantee

Getting tattoos has become all too mainstream. So people come up with the most innovative ideas for getting their bodies inked. Some of the tattoos are so way in the future that we can’t imagine what was going through the minds of the people who invented them.
So get ready to see tattoos which not only look 3D but ones which were actually inspired by a human body part.

#1 Let’s play Mario Kart

#2 When you can

#3 If this was my tattoo, I would never look at it

#4 Pikachu doesn’t look very happy

#5 Find them

#6 That’s one way to send a strong message

#7 He got a horror movie scene tattooed on his thigh

#8 Look what I found.

#9 I wonder what they’re children will be like

#10 The eye of Sauron is watching

#11 They call me thunder

#12 Angry young man

#13 Fancy playing a game of chess?

#14 Got this tattoo on the wrong organ

#15 I hope MJ is not alive to see this

#16 This is for my safety and protection

#17 Not too good at drawing but it conveys me

#18 Why would someone do that to themselves?

#19 Somebody help

#20 The Walmart lovers society


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