This Talented Comedian Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos In Most Hilarious Way

Instagram has proven to be a defender of some of the most bizarre celebrity pictures. An Australian comedian Celeste Barber has pointed out just how ridiculous they really are in a hilarious way.

Celeste Barber is an Australian standup comedian who is quite popular on Instagram with more than 5.4 million followers. She posts side by side photos of herself mimicking the weird images of the celebrities and fashion models.

Listed here are 30+ photos showing the unusual talent of this Instagram star. These photos will make you go ROFL!

Scroll down and enjoy peeps. Check more of her work at Celeste Barber | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

#1 Even the sun doesn’t treat me right

#2 Different phases of me in the shower

#3 It’s all about having better patience

#5 Tight clothing isn’t for everyone I guess

#6 Can’t match Sia. You can only try.

#8 Not every has that level of swagger

#11 Stairs and undies don’t always make the perfect combo

#12 You’ll need good models for good photos

#14 You see why she needed bigger shoes…

#16 Hiding the beauty vs about to rob a bank

#17 The sexy stretch ain’t that easy

#20 Pink doesn’t suit every woman I guess

#21 Couples that twist together, stay together

#22 Just a difference of a few kilograms

#26 Playing with electricity isn’t a joke

#27 Need more practice with the splits

#29 Can’t help but notice the slippers

#30 The only difference is better lighting. No?

#31 Pool photography isn’t for everyone

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