When Restaurants Went Too Far With Presentation – 30 Epic Presentation Fails

When you’re dining out at a fine restaurant, you expect good food, excellent service, and ethereal presentation. Many of us with a curious nature tend to try something different so that we can create long-lasting memories of our life and fulfill our foodie dreams. With quite a number of restaurants out there, the competition has become challenging. All restaurants want to stand out and offer their customers an experience like no other.

In this post, we have compiled a list of servings where restaurants went too far in the pursuit of being innovative and ended up being creepy. From serving pizza on car tires to using mouse traps for serving cheese and grapes, these restaurants came up with some ridiculous yet hilarious ideas for serving food. We bet you’ll definitely laugh out loud by the end of this post. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

#4 Modern era, modern food selling techniques

#14 Somebody explain the logic behind this

#15 When the restaurant treats you like a puppy

#17 After silver spoon, we present you…

#20 Making sure all the potatoes are dead

#21 When the chef puts in so much effort he gifts you his hand

#22 I was just here to iron my clothes

#24 Eating in plates isn’t fun you know

#25 Saving money on the glass utensils

#26 Onion rings are yummy even if their on someone’s neck

#27 English breakfast just like its served in the countryside

#28 Because who won’t fall for food on the rocks?

#29 Customer satisfaction isn’t guaranteed

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