Worst Tattoo Fails (34 Photos)

Tattoos have evolved from different trends. They’ve been around for centuries as a symbol of thugs, criminals, and rebels.

Now it has taken a form of art. They are used as meaningful and captivating symbols. However, not all tattoos are meaningful. Some tattoos are literally the worst thing that happened to people.

Listed in this post are 34 photos showing the worst tattoo fails that will make you go ROFL! By getting these tattoos, people surely made the worst decision of their life.

Now stop reading, scroll on and enjoy peeps! Share these hilarious fails with your friends and make them laugh too.

#2 How do you even explain this to someone?

#3 When he leaves more than just a hicky

#7 When you’re literally a puzzle …

#9 When you can’t grow facial hair so you get some help

#10 What’s the worst thing you’ve done on Christmas?

#13 Tells a lot about your personality

#16 I woke up from a nap and this fella scared the crap outta me

#20 Marilyn’s soul will be shivered after seeing this

#22 Excuse me sir, are you wearing undies?

#24 We’ve got the devil’s son here

#31 That’s more than a regular thigh tattoo

#33 When having two eyes isn’t enough

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