“You are Doing it Wrong” Funny fail Compilation

Have you ever watched some hilarious fails that made you yell “you’re doing it wrong!” at your screen? It’s okay folks we have been there too! Although, often it is quite difficult to get the words out because we’re laughing too hard on those unfortunate people!

We have compiled an epic list of some funny fails that will make you go ROFL! While some of these fails may be unintentional, most are just insanely hilarious. Scroll down below to check out the list and comment your favorite.

Enjoy peeps! And don’t forget to share some of them with your friends so they could have their share of amusement too!

#4 It’s too late to ask him to get off now

#7 When you’re playing Call of Duty for the first time

#9 Guess who has the best view of the game?

#10 My brown shirt kinda evolved today…

#12 When you’re too excited for the game and forget to human

#13 That’s not how destruction works…

#14 I wanna smoke what this guy is high on

#18 When you can’t find parking and get really frustrated

#21 When you feel an urgent craving for tacos

#23 Is he allowed in the drive through?

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