15 Most Terribly Weird Drinks You Would Never Taste

It is understandable that people get tired of drinking the same vodka martinis and mimosas so people look to branch out and find more beverages. So the drinks below will definitely show you how there is so much more to drink than the regular drinks. However, we feel like you won’t necessarily think of these drinks as very appetizing on the first glance. Give it some time and you might find yourself and amazing cocktail.

#2 Deer Penis Wine

Quite a hit among Chinese sports medicine enthusiasts, the deer penis wine is said to have healing properties. That explains why it was banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They also say it enhances "male sexual power".

#3 Liquid Smoking

A beverage that seems to have fizzled out rather quickly is “Liquid Smoking,” which its Dutch manufacturer, United Drinks and Beauty Corporation, claimed would take the edge off of nicotine cravings for between one and four hours. The drink, allegedly popular in the Netherlands, was launched in the United Kingdom in 2008 as way to help smokers beat that nation’s recently enacted ban on public smoking.

#4 Cow “Water”

Hindus have worshiped cows for their life-sustaining dairy products, but Ayurvedic tradition also claims that cow urine can be used to cure ailments ranging from liver complaints to diabetes and cancer.

#5 Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda

Imagine it's a hot, sweaty summer's day. You've been running jet fighter drills all morning long, heat rising in shimmering waves from the tarmac. Maybe you took a break to play a game of volleyball with the guys, pushing your well-muscled, shirtless, perspiration-slick body to its very limit. Afterwards you slip on your aviator glasses, hop on your motorcycle and drive to your comely instructor's home. Parched, you reach into her fridge for a cold drink. You pop the cap and take a long, thirsty swig.

#6 Bilk (Beer + Milk)

Compared to the previous drinks, Bilk sounds quite normal, even if it combines 2 ingredients that are naturally completely different.

#9 Garlic & Onion Juice

A very popular drink in South Korea Garlic Juice, which is made of black garlic. The drink may look and taste repulsive, it is actually very beneficial.

#10 Bird’s Nest Drink

The nests are extremely expensive, being sold for $3,000 per lb. That’s why a bottle of a 240-ml bird’s nest drink costs $52.

#15 Scorpion Vodka

Chinese-bred scorpion to sting the palate even more, you can use this vodka in a mixed drink or take it straight up.

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