20+ Absurd Things That Can Happen Only in China

Chinese are an eccentric nation, and you’ll get to experience their weird ways first hand if you travel to China.

Did you know that the Chinese people hold a chilly competition in which the participants eat chilies while being submerged in a pool of chilies? Interesting is it not?

When you’re in China, don’t just focus on the tourist attractions pay close attention to the people too. You’ll find plenty of hilarious stuff to keep you interested.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

#1 The harsh messages

#2 The models for kids

#3 The weird costumes

#4 The strange pose for taking pictures

#5 The Ancient way of cutting hair

#6 The crazy labours

#7 The extra ordinary hair styles

#8 Not even police is safe

#9 When your girlfriend catches you cheating on her

#10 For the MEAT lovers

#11 The open air stretches to stay fit even at very old age

#12 The funny dust masks

#13 The masters of making fake copies

#14 You can find a masseuse in every street

#15 Fish nets to prevent workers from committing suicide

#16 They go to work in every weather condition

#17 The huge traffic jams

#18 The competition of eating chilies in a pool full of chilies

#19 Bikes carrying exrta load

#20 The Pig Meat Markets

#21 They love to carry thermos

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