20 Funniest Fans from the Fifa World Cup

Without any doubt, no world cup is complete without the fans. They always make the world cup more colorful. Many fans travel from around the world to support their teams. Many dresses up way too funny to be ignored. So we have collected a list of the funniest fans from the Fifa World Cup.

#1 Look who’s at the World Cup!

Look, Jim Carey also spared some time to watch the Fifa World Cup!

#2 The Three Lions

The nickname for the English national team is The Three Lions because their crest has three lions on it. So that explains this one. 

#3 He looks creepy!

Sometimes one pair of glasses just don't cut it!

#4 Just a couple of Brazilian fans!

No, those masks aren't creepy at all, said nobody!

#5 He is really a die hard fan!

So obesity isn't just an American thing!

#6 Nice mustaches!

I admire this guy's zeal, but this is not an idea outfit for watching soccer!

#7 Surely a Star Wars fan!

Dude, you're not supposed to up your Star Wars game at a Fifa World Cup match!

#8 I would’ve given him the world cup too!

Here's a nice image to file away in your brain for those occasions where you need to think unsexy thoughts. 

#9 Just a big face Argentina fan!

I believe this is supposed to be renowned Argentine hair trendsetter Claudio Caniggia... though knowing this makes the mask no less terrifying!

#10 I don’t why what is he so happy about!

Best I can tell, this Belguim fan is supposed to be a soccer player riding a dragon.. not that that would make any sense!

#11 Just your normal Asian football fan!

This guy makes me very uncomfortable. Not sure if it's the nose of the nasty white goatee. 

#12 Japanese Samurai Clowns

What can I say? These guys are just hardcore. 

#13 Balotelli Superfan!

Something tells me this guy is probably not actually as fit as Mario Balotelli. 

#14 The Amorous Argentine Zebras

In Brazil, "Zebra" is a slang term for a team that records a highly improbable win i.e an upset. This guys must be hoping for the same thing!

#15 Creepy Ivorian Dude!

This guy wouldn't be so creepy without the orange lips. That's what just pushes the whole look over the edge. 

#16 Captain Chile!

A superhero who had Godzilla for one of his hands? Why didn't I think of that?

#17 Mr. Carrot Hat

Seriously, that's not Neil Young, right? Because he looks exactly like him!

#18 Inside Out Chihuahau Man

I'm assuming everybody sitting next to this guy got a selfie before the game was over. After all, it's not every day you sit next to a guy wearing an inside-out Chihuahua suit at a World Cup game!

#19 Just an England fan mocking a German fan!

I can show more skin too!

#20 Stars and Stripes Forever!

If you've never shaved Old Glory into your head and beard, I think it's safe to say you are not a true patriot!

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