20+ People Who are not Having a Really Good Day

Sharing is caring but would you like sharing your favorite ice cream with a kingfisher? What if you dress up to race out for an important meeting and damn, your car’s front seat is all snowed because you forgot to close the car window last night.

Or what if your mom and dad thrash your birthday cake while posing for a selfie.

All that is nasty and it has happened to people who’re having a bad day. If you feel like you’re having one of those days, then you’re at the right place.

Here’s a collection for you that might make you see the humor in your bad day. It sucks now, but you’ll be laughing about it later.

Take a look and enjoy peeps!

#1 Out of all the balconies

#2 This school bus driver makes sure to pick up everyone

#3 Bad day at work for him

#4 Brother learned how dish washer works

#5 Sharing is caring

#6 My friend got a job interview and he can’t find the keys

#7 That was my last apple!

#8 Not a good day for some one at office

#9 Not a Happy birthday for her

#10 Using my laptop in a park was not a good idea

#11 Just wanted to cook a dish for my wife

#12 Me so close to lose my shit

#13 Forgot to close my car window last night

#14 The right way to do it

#15 She was getting for her date, but looks like she is getting late

#16 He got a really big Air Conditioner there

#17 This yogurt is not healthy anymore

#18 Not that easy to escape from this school

#19 Lesson Learned: Never make an illegal U-turn

#20 Well they need to get a new cake for their daughter

#21 Could it get any worse?

#22 When I try to study

#23 One of the reasons I hate strawberry shakes

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