24 Celebrities Who had Plastic Surgery Early in Lives

Being famous has its own perks and consequences!

No matter what, celebrities always remain a target of the public eye. So, they are often pressured to look like society’s ideal definition of “beautiful”. This pressure has pushed a lot of our favorite superstars to get plastic surgeries. Some of them had it early in their life than others.

In this post, we have compiled photos of 24 celebrities who went under the knife at quite a younger age. The transformations of these young stars are remarkable! Scroll on to find out if your favorite celebs are in the list. Enjoy peeps.

#1 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is rumored to have gotten a nose job in her early years

#2 Zara Larsson

Singer Zara Larsson who'll be turning 20 this year has had multiple cosmetic procedures including breast implants

#3 Blake Lively

Blake Lively or Mrs. Ryan Reynolds got a nose job before she turned 20

#4 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay, just like her early entrance in the industry, took an early entry into the world of plastic surgery and has gotten multiple procedures done on her since then.

#5 Hailey Baldwin

Hailey's improvised look is because of facial injections she got in her late teens

#6 Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloe clearly got her chin and jaw altered through plastic surgery but isn't vocal about it. Her father is a plastic surgeon who admitted to it.

#7 Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has changed a lot from the time when she became a model, and that too clearly with the help of surgeries.

#8 Madison Beer

The 17-year-old rising sensation has clearly made changes to her appearance, especially her cheek bones.

#9 Kylie Jenner

Kylie, over the years, has completed changed her facial recognition. She started off with lip injections at the age of 16.

#11 Dianna Agron

Dianna spoke at the Letterman show, saying that she had broken her nose twice so she had to go through a cosmetic procedure.

#12 Jenelle Evans

The Teen Moms star recently accepted on her Instagram about getting breast implants.

#14 Jenny McCarthy

Jenny doesn't seem to age over the years. The main reason for that look is her cosmetic surgeries that include lip enhancement, breast enlargement and cheek bone adjustments.

#16 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, aged 51 and once a Baywatch beauty has attempted multiple cosmetic procedures on herself to stop her from aging.

#17 Heidi Montag

According to her Doctor, The Hills star went through 10 plastic surgeries in a day.

#18 Bristol Palin

Bristol, the mother of three, lost a lot of weight and got her lips altered to achieve this new look.

#20 Janet Jackson

Janet is said to have gone through face and eyelid lift along with multiple nose jobs and botox to achieve her new look.

#21 Farrah Abraham

Farrah admitted that she got a nose job and many other procedures. But she has put an end to all of that now.

#22 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer, 51, has maintained her looks throughout the years through Rhinoplasty and many botox sessions

#23 Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson went through more than 10 plastic surgeries including skin tone change, a chin implant, lip surgery, and a chin lift.

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