30 Celebrities Shared Their Impressive 10 Year Challenge Photos

The #10YearChallenge has taken over our social media. It’s the first viral trend of 2019, people are sharing their photos from 2009 alongside pictures of them in the present day, and it seems like everyone is keen to share their major throwbacks.

This viral craze has given celebs a chance to flaunt how far they’ve come in the last decade.

From Kate Hudson or Anne Hathaway to Ryan Reynolds, many have shared their smokin’ hot photos from 10 years ago and one from 2019 to talk about how time flies. While the trend is pretty incredible, the results are astounding. It looks like some of our favourite stars have hardly aged.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

#12 Paul Pogba from a nothing to one of the best football players

#16 Mandy Moore says “These last 10 years have REALLY aged me.”

#17 Sarah Hyland’s 10 year challenge has got us all crushing on her

#18 Jessica Simpson (who is currently pregnant and a little swollen)

#22 Mark Ruffalo & Sunrise Ruffalo, a love story over the years

#26 How beautiful did Busy Philipps’ daughter turn out to be

#29 Padma Lakshmi posted “Me after a sip of coconut water “

#30 Brooke Shields, these people just don’t age, exceptional

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