30 Celebrities Who Have Their Body Parts Insured For Ridiculous Amount of Money

Insurance is used to protect against a financial loss, and for most of us, that means insurance of various possessions like a home, a car, or even an expensive phone.

However, when it comes to celebrities, insurance is taken to a whole new level. It’s not only their possessions which are insured, but some superstars have also insured their body parts for a ridiculous amount of money. For example, did you know that Holly Maddison breasts are insured for 1 million dollars!? Sounds weird, right?

We have compiled 30 photos of such celebrities along with the insurance amount. Scroll on peeps. Share these weird facts with your friends as well.



#16 Heidi Klum has insured each of her legs for $2 million

#17 Kylie Minogue is reported to have insured her shapely bum for $5 million.

#18 Bruce Springsteen insured his voice with Lloyd’s of London for a cool $6 million.

#19 Holly Madison took out an insurance policy worth $1 million on her breasts

#21 David Lee Roth, the lead singer of Van Halen, obviously thought of his sperm as his biggest asset and got it insured for over $1 million!

#24 David Lee Roth had his little swimmers insured for a million buckaroos

#25 Gene Simmons rocker had his super-long tongue insured for $1 million

#26 Merv Hughes took out a $317,000 policy on his tuft of facial hair.

#27 Madonna sought a $12 million insurance policy on her bust

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