30 Celebrities With Weird Looking Teeth

Let’s be honest with ourselves, some people don’t have great looking teeth. Considering the fact that smile matters a lot in a person’s personality, teeth are quite a significant part of our life.

Whether they are whitened, straightened, covered or replaced, it’s hard to find people who haven’t had something done to their teeth. In this case, celebrities are no exception. Yes, folks, while many superstars spend money to perfect their smiles, there are plenty who choose to keep saying cheese with a bad set of teeth.

Listed in this post are photos of 30 celebrities who have weird looking teeth. From Johnny Depp to Madonna – most of these are photoshopped though (smilies).

#2 This happens when you are Deadpool!

#3 That’s exactly why you should teach your children how to brush!

#5 She would not be happy with these two teeth!

#8 She definitely needs to brush them!

#11 Someone get her a dentist appointment!

#13 Just a couple of visits to the dentist are required!

#16 I wonder what’s the last time he brushed them …

#18 That what happens when you do your own stunts!

#19 At least he has got stylish eyebrows!

#22 He wouldn’t be happy after seeing this!

#28 The photographers just love his teeth!

#30 Even he would laugh after seeing this!

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