30 Genius Yet Evil Packaging Designs

For the average consumer, food packaging is nothing more than a necessary thing to keep their product safe. It isn’t there to be admired or appreciated, and it’ll end up in the recycle bin just as soon as the box or package is empty. Well, it’s 2019, and the level of creativity has just reached a whole new level. To sell their product, package designers are always inventing new tricks to make packages look bigger, thicker, and prettier.

In this post, we’ve compiled 30 genius yet evil packaging designs. From printing misleading captions to hiding the contents of their products – these following companies are surely deceiving their customers like a boss! Scroll on peeps. Share these photos with your friends and make sure they avoid these eateries.

#1 So I’ve been fooled all these years.

#2 That looks like it’s way past it’s expiration date.

#9 I think those are just for display.

#10 Just give your customers what they paid for.

#11 If I buy a sandwich and get that, I’m walking up to ’em and throwing that in their face.

#12 I see what they did with that sticker.

#14 Companies will do anything to make that extra buck.

#15 They should stick that where the sun don’t shine.

#19 That’s what you get for ordering something cheap online.

#21 You can’t even trust pizzas anymore.

#23 Even large companies like Garnier are doing this?

#27 Maybe they only had the foot long box.

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