21 People Who Dated Celebs Way Before They were Famous

As if having an ex was not just bad enough; if your ex turns out to be a celebrity, that will surely hurt a lot! Yes, folks! Sometimes it is hard to picture celebrities before they were famous, going to high school and dating regular people, just like you and me.

Listed below are photos of 21 people who dated our favorite stars way before they got famous. There is always a nostalgic joy that comes from looking through old photo albums, but, you can surely imagine the pain these people in this list would be going through after looking at their old photos. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share these rare photos with your friends as well.

#1 My Mom Dated Adam Sandler In High School. Here Are Her Prom Pics

#2 So My Mom Dated Matt Le Blanc And She Finally Found A Picture Of Them

#3 Just Found These Pics Of Leo With My Family… (He Dated My Aunt)

#4 My Grandpa And The Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short) 1945 He Dated Her And Was An Fbi Suspect

#5 Cousin Dated Matthew Mcconaughey In College

#6 My Aunt Knew Bradley Cooper In College, Before He Was Famous

#7 My Mom Was Childhood Friends With John Travolta And We Found A Photo Of My Nana And Him After One Of His Shows When He Did Theatre!

#8 So My Mom Decides To Tell Me She Dated John Legend Secretly When I Was 10???

#11 My Sister Used To Date Usher In High School And She Is Just Now Telling Me

#12 My Wife Used To Date “The Fonz” (Henry Winkler) In The Late 70’s

#13 My Uncle Is Good Friends With Queen Latifah

#14 Back When Ariana Grande And I ‘Dated’ And Did Theater Together

#15 My Auntie & Tupac Used To Mess Also

#17 Turns Out My Mom Dated Josh Hartnet In High School

#18 My Mom Had A Thing With Blake Shelton A Long Time Ago While My Aunt Dated His Bass Player & She Found A Picture

#19 My Best Friends Mom Went To High School With Josh Duhamel And Found This In Her Yearbook. I Think I See A Mulle

#20 My Daddy Used To Date Ol Girl From Martin

#21 My Mom And Aunt Were Friends With Floyd

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