30 Slavic People Who Perfectly Resemble Well-Known Celebrities

They say that somewhere out there in the world, everybody has a doppelganger. Imagine finding out your lookalike in a world population of 7.7 billion? As fascinating as it may seem it’s often impossible. However, some people get extremely lucky. They don’t just get to see their doppelgangers, they see them up on the big screens. Yes, folks, their doppelgangers are celebrities!

 ‘’Slavorum’’ is a Facebook page made for fun and educational purpose, giving humorous cultural insights into Slavic culture around the world. They have collected the doppelganger, finding some ordinary, everyday Slavs who happen to look unbelievably similar to well-known celebrities.

We’ve listed here 30 ordinary Slavic people who have quite an unreal resemblance with some top celebrities.  Scroll on and enjoy peeps. 

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