25 Funny Photos Showing What Bad Luck Is

Having a bad day? you’re not alone. We have all been there at one time or another. Now you have two options: you can either whine about how unfair life has been to you today or you can laugh about your misfortunes today and let it go. The latter option feels much better than the first one.

And if it makes it any better, there are others who’ve shared the same fate as you. we have listed 25 hilarious photos of people who have had some serious bad luck. Scroll on peeps and laugh your heart out. You won’t feel so bad about your own day after you’re done with this list.

#1 This random belly button has been staring at me for 30 mins now

#6 Called in a sick day and this is how it’s been going

#8 The whole class kept laughing for 2 minutes and nobody took me out of this mess.

#15 Had to paint my room. Now I have to get new seat covers AND paint my room.

#17 Whenever I think to myself let’s take a quick bath. something like this happens

#20 Was late for an interview. Nature made sure I don’t get there.

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