Makeup Artist Brilliantly Transforms Herself Into Famous Characters And Celebrities

Cosmetics are the newest form of magic. With just a few makeup touches by professional makeup artists, anyone can be transformed quite unbelievably. However, an American based artist took makeup transformations to a whole new level. With astonishing skills and talent, Promise Tamang Phan has mastered the art of transforming herself into celebrities and famous characters. This Instagram sensation with almost 1.3 million followers started her journey 8 years ago on the social media platform.

Listed in this post are photos showing some of her most stunning work that will surely leave you in a shock. From Wonder Woman to Moana, this human chameleon, as she calls herself, keeps surprising her fans with limitless imagination. Scroll down and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to appreciate her efforts through the comments section.

To check out more of her awesome work, visit: Instagram

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