Photoshop Artists Depicts How Celebrities Might Look When They Get Old (28 Photos)

Growing old can be a nightmare for a lot of people.

Whether we like it or not everyone will grow old at some point, and by everyone we mean the celebrities as well. Yes, folks, there’ll come a time when all our gorgeous superstars will face the ultimate horrors of aging. Some of the Photoshop experts illustrated how celebrities might look when they get old.

Listed here are 28 such photos of celebrities in their possible older version. From Miley Cyrus and Cameron Diaz to the gorgeous Emma Watson- this list will surely surprise you.

Scroll down and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to comment on our favorite one.

#2 I wonder if she will have the same haircut..

#4 Not sure if Diane would like to look like this..

#5 Old Christina but glamorous as ever!

#11 She would be a little more charming for sure..

#16 Marilyn would surely like to look like this..

#17 That’s the hairstyle Robert would like to have..

#21 Even Hugh would appreciate the artist..

#22 I wonder how he reacted after seeing this..

#23 We don’t think she will grow old though..

#27 Nicole Kidman will still be attractive!

#28 Photoshop and Leonardo will be proud!

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