These facts about the world will blow your mind

Do you think you know about the world that you live in? We’d like to defer if you think you do. Our collection of interesting facts about the world will blow your mind.

The collection varies from twin babies to corpses on Mount Everest, there are facts that will surely surprise you.

#1 Longest Gap between twins

The longest time between two twins being born is 87 days.

#2 Life forms on your skin

There are more lifeforms living on your skin than there are on planet Earth.

#3 World’s deepest postbox?

The world's deepest postbox is in Susami Bay in Japan. It's 10 meters underwater. 

#4 Leo fact

Leonardo Da Vinci could write with one hand while drawing with the other one.

#5 The Oldest Condom Ever

The oldest condom ever found dates back to the 1640s. It was made from fish and animal intestines.

#7 Why say no to communism?

3 of the wealthiest families in the world have more money than 48 poorest nations combined.

#8 Speed of Light

Light doesn't always travel at speed of light. The slowest recorded speed of light is 38 mph.

#9 The longest traffic jam

The longest traffic jam ever happened in China and lasted for 10 days. Cars traveled at the speed of 0.6 mph.

#10 Loneliest creature on Earth

The loneliest creature on Earth is a blue whale. It has been calling for a mate for the past 20 years but its voice frequency differs from other whales make her invisible to them.

#11 The deadly mount Everest

There are more than 200 dead bodies on Mount Everest and they are used as waypoints by climbers.

#12 The great game of Chess

There are more possible iterations in the game of chess than there are atoms in the universe.

#13 Russian Bear

Russia did not consider beer as alcohol until 2011. It was rated as a soft drink before that.

#14 State of the homeless

There are more vacant houses than homeless people in the United States.

#15 The first man to ___ on the moon?

The first man to urinate on the moon was Buzz Aldrin. He took a nap on the surface after landing and had to urinate afterward.

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