When Bad Tan Happens: 30 Celebrities Spray Tan Fails

When it comes to self-tanning and spray tans, even celebrities can’t avoid the occasional fails. The last thing any fake tanner wants is for people to discover their secret. Fake tanning as part of our beauty regime can often be a disaster – it’s complicated, time-consuming and it’s always vulnerable to awkward fails.

For celebrities, it’s a bit complicated because they’re always being photographed. We have compiled photos of 30 celebs, showing embarrassing spray tan fails. For these following superstars, we won’t be forgetting or forgiving these fake tan fails anytime soon.

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#1 These hands look like they don’t belong to me

#3 Spray tan and ruined bed sheets, what a love story!

#4 Me and my brother. We both have the same skin tone.

#5 Posh knows the right amount of tan for her

#6 Could easily star in a Halloween makeover contest

#10 When you’re forced to stay on the beach for too long

#11 Even makeup doesn’t help when the spray tan goes wrong

#13 When your friend returns after sunbathing

#18 Her expression show her sadness because of the tan

#23 When you wear sunglasses at the beach

#24 Selena once she’s back from Ibiza

#25 When you sunbath at 9 and have a meeting at 12

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